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Yes on Prop E!

Proposition E epitomizes the long fight Hayes Valley has endured to restore and preserve its character. This quaint neighborhood is home to some of San Francisco's finest Victorian architecture. Many of us worked hard to save the landmark Fallon Building from demolition. It now sits precariously under the looming shadow of the elevated Central Freeway. The new Octavia Boulevard concept offered by Proposition E restores this gem to its former prominence along a vibrant Market Street corridor.

San Franciscans will continue to fight to protect our historic resources and treasures despite overpowering development and political pressures. Proposition E is a significant step forward in our march toward more sensible planning and transit solutions.

Vote YES on E to support historic preservation and neighborhood character.

Gary Goad
Denise LaPointe

  See also photos from the Friends of 1800 fundraiser on behalf of the successful Prop-E at the historic Westerfeld Mansion.   

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