The Chutes at Tenth Avenue and Fulton, San Francisco

"Somewhat paradoxically, tourists seem to discover places anew, although history has already recorded their earlier significance. One might argue that this is the case with the Haight."

Christopher VerPlanck describes some of the permutations the San Francisco Haight has undergone in The Architecture and Social Structure of the Haight.

"How should the new public GLBT space be created and experienced within the context of its particular function, and what should it communicate of queerness to the various GLBT clients and users and to the larger culture?"

Alan Martinez points out the historic role of gender in architectural expression, and argues the need for a new perspective of public GLBT space. See Argument for the Possibility of Intentional Queer Space.

"Too often, the press regards preservationists as an elite band of architectural connoisseurs who guard the nation's heritage from unknowing property owners and real estate developers."

Antoinette Lee argues for a more expansive perspective on what it means today to be a preservationist in I Am a Preservationist.

"It is as if you took a painting and decided that you didn't need all the reds because they were too bright...You completely have changed the nature of the work."

Alan Martinez makes the case for the restoration of  the Fallon Building's missing plaster ornamentation on the friezes, an integral part of the building's design in Carmel Fallon with Ribbons in Her Hair.

"There are very few positive depictions of GLBT identity at the historic sites and buildings that are our life's work."

In the publication, Planners Network, Gail Dubrow provides us a compelling overview of the state of GLBT preservation. Read the article, Deviant History, Defiant Heritage.

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